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1. Prepare Your Ministry for Another Active Earthquake Season

Earthquakes are starting to rumble the earth again. An earthquake’s impact can range from being a minor annoyance to causing a major disaster. The safety planning you do now can help your ministry protect its people and property.

Tags: earthquake, property, protection, weather, damage
2. Protect Your Ministry from Tropical Storm Damage

We’re right in the middle of hurricane season in Georgia and Tropical Storm Laura is strengthening and expected to make landfall next week. These storms bring high winds and flooding that can easily damage your ministry’s property. Take steps to prepare for this and other tropical storm threats. 

Tags: tropical storm, hurricane, property, damages, prevent damage
3. Has Your Church Completed a Personal Property Inventory?

Completing a personal property inventory of your church or ministry could be one of the wisest activities you can pursue. If disaster strikes and you file an insurance claim, you may need an inventory highlighting damaged items.

Tags: claims, coverage, insurance, property
4. Is Pikachu Hiding Under a Pew Near You?

Have you checked under your seat in church lately? There may be more hidden in the shadows than communion wafer crumbs. If you’re among the 30 million players of Pokémon Go, Pikachu may join you in church.

Tags: liability, protect, outdoor activities, risk, property, safety
5. Understanding Your Property-Casualty Insurance Policy

Insurance doesn’t have to be complicated and confusing. Learning a few terms can help you develop a better grasp of what characterizes a typical ministry’s insurance policy.

Tags: coverage, insurance, liability, preparing for insurance meeting, property, protect
6. Ten Ways to Help Prevent Electrical Fires at Church

In the plugged-in world we live in, it’s more important than ever before to monitor your ministry’s electrical system for overloaded circuits and faulty electrical systems.

Tags: liability, coverage, protect, property, fire prevention

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