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1. Shepherding Ministries in a Time of Change

Anyone who turns on the news, flips through a magazine, or browses the web can see that American society and culture are experiencing rapid transitions. Some ministries have valid concerns that issues surrounding societal shifts may expose them to negative publicity, governmental scrutiny, or litigation.

Tags: ministry, protection, religious freedom, insurance
2. Five Common Tricks of Cyber Scammers

Cyber security is increasingly crucial in our technologically advanced world. Scammers use many schemes when attempting to steal your data, but you can outsmart them by understanding their methods.

Tags: ministry, cyber security, technology, data, protection
3. Keep Your Ministry's Money Safe

Theft isn’t just an issue for banks and large companies. Sometimes the kind and caring nature of your ministry is exactly what makes you a target. Organizational Optional Theft Coverage helps to assure that, if a thief takes advantage of your institution, what’s lost can be restored.

Tags: protection, ministry, theft, cybersecurity
4. Prepare Your Ministry for Another Active Earthquake Season

Earthquakes are starting to rumble the earth again. An earthquake’s impact can range from being a minor annoyance to causing a major disaster. The safety planning you do now can help your ministry protect its people and property.

Tags: earthquake, property, protection, weather, damage

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